Dalal Steel

April 20 2018


Hona Beirut comes after the successful play with the same name produced by MARCH in 2017, which grouped young men and women from the capital’s often-forgotten neighborhoods such as Tariq El Jdideh, Khandak El Ghamiq and other marginalized communities. MARCH hopes to build on the massive success of the theatrical piece and create something more permanent and sustainable. After rigorous planning, MARCH decided to create a cafe, a public garden and a cultural hub with a music recording studio based on what Beirut’s communities need the most to shine and excel in arts and culture aimed at strengthening the peace and creating a common narrative between youth that have inherited sectarian tensions from their parents.

MARCH hopes the strategically-located Hona Beirut, right across from Horsh Beirut, will be a safe space where young men and women from the city’s most at-risk communities can come and get to know each other better and work together on capacity building workshops and projects that are relevant to them, such creating music, plays, movies and photographs, as well as a platform to launch nascent talents from. The cafe will be staffed and run by the young men and women themselves, and the free courses and workshops will tackle subjects such as photography, life skills, leadership skills, computer skills, language courses and more.

DALAL STEEL was thrilled to take part of this effort and supported MARCH by constructing its attractive community center.


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